Rencontres 2020

A true sense annual date that allows to share experiences and knowledge with security experts and more than participants expected in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Art 8 : To maintain the technical and artistic qualities of the event, the film will be subject to a short listing committee in November and December.

The Image In association declines all liability in case of theft, deterioration or damage which may be caused through transportation, projection or showing of the film.

rencontres internationales paris 2019

Excellium provides the answer. The Image In association declines all liability, whether civil or criminal, with regards to images or musical works used in the films without prior authorization by the authors.

Prizes and qualifications The audience and a professional Jury, will award prizes in 6 different categories : Catalan, International, Amateur, Young Filmmakers, Professional and Semi-Professional. Animation, documentary, experimental, fiction, musical clip and report with a maximum length of 30 minutes and French subtitles can take part in this international event.

Christophe Bianco Thematics Excellium and its partners offer each year an informative and varied agenda to meet the diverse challenges and current trends related to cyber security. The application fees are free if you are in developing country or if your short-film is from the Spanish or French Catalan part.

We offer a customizable suite of services, across the whole information security domain: we can tailor our offer pragmatically, to meet your needs and budget. The decisions of the short listing committee will be final and binding.

rencontres internationales
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