Reconstructionalism pragmatic roots and educational theory

The emphasis of this educational philosophy is in the quest for the creation of a better society and worldwide democracy. This successful transmission could be assessed through teacher-made paper and pencil achievement test as in this test what is taught in class through demonstration and other teacher-centered teaching methods, is reflected and checked.

As this educational philosophy is experience- centred, projects is used as one of the teaching methods because this teaching method allows students to apply the skills and knowledge they have learned giving learners a chance to test ideas.

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Teaching methods focus on mastery of facts and basic skills through demonstration and recitation. This division is often referred to as the duality of mind and body.

Idealism in education curriculum

I think that the social expectations and the biases we have could be the reasons for the development of hidden curricula. Projects: This assessment which requires an in depth- exploration of a topic or field as well as the construction of an argument. Think about It: Which general or world view philosophy best fits with your own views of reality? Equal educational opportunities for all children is necessary for human development. In this method, teachers present and transmit knowledge or ideas and students receive and memorize the information presented and transmitted by the expert. Reciprocally, based on the analysis of this paper, for teachers who hold the belief that teaching is about active engagement of students, student- centred teaching methods are adapted, and assessment that leans towards the activation of higher order of thinking skills such as, analysis, application and synthesis are adapted. Moreover, ideas according to this philosophical approach are the only true reality. They believe strongly that our culture is in crisis. Teacher generates question and then records the answer of the students to use for the next planning of lesson. In this method, while the teachers facilitates students learning by providing them encouragement and direction, it is the role of the students to actively collaborate and practice democracy while acquiring and constructing knowledge by collaborating and actively engaging with different activities in a team. This reality is unchanging and is mental.

Teaching methods focus on handling ideas through lecture, discussion, and Socratic dialogue a method of teaching that uses questioning to help students discover and clarify knowledge. Two are more contemporary, pragmatism and existentialism.

To continue, according to Mc.

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Each will be explained shortly. The physical world has no inherent meaning outside of human existence. Plato believed that there are two worlds. The emphasis of this educational philosophy is in the quest for the creation of a better society and worldwide democracy. Like progressives, they feel that student self-evaluation has a proper place. They feel students should be grouped only upon the basis of common interests. Scientific Method: A method that encourages the application of logical processes especially, but not limited in science. Questions have been raised concerning whether or not schools should become a tool for re-making society. In Torch Trinity Journal, 6,

The curricular emphasis is subject matter of mind: literature, history, philosophy, and religion. As such, learning is an integration of new learning or application of new learning to real and authentic activities as described in philosophical approaches of Existentialism, Pragmatism, Progressivism and Reconstructionism.

The purpose of this method is to stimulate thought and provide students opportunities to express their views and defend their point of view. Members of the groups work together and are responsible for each other and completion of the task. As lecture is a method that presents ideas, and question and answer method of assessment makes the students aware of these ideas, we could say that these two methods have roots going back to Idealism.

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