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Mary Mahoney became the first black woman to complete nurse's training in Her professionalism and shining reputation earned praise not only for her but for the black community. She was praised for her efficiency and calm approach and her reputation spread to the extent that the received calls for her services from across many US states — including Massachusetts, New Jersey, Washington, and North Carolina. Mahoney was an active participant in the nursing profession. Doona, ME. Pioneer of Nursing and Voting The following year, Mary Mahoney made history when she became the first black woman to complete nurse's training. Recognizing the difficulties faced by black women in the nursing field, Mahoney supported the efforts of Martha Minerva Franklin , who founded the National Association of Colored Graduate Nurses NACGN in , and delivered the welcoming address at the association's first annual convention in She acted as janitor, cook, and washer women. Detroit, MI: Gale Research, Mary Mahoney supported the efforts of the suffragist movement, believing that equality was essential for all women. In , she became one of the first women in Boston to register to vote. The exact date of her birth is unknown.

She actively participated in civil rights activism. Doona, ME.

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Works Cited American Nurses Association. Mary Mahoney worked as a nurse for the next four decades. Throughout her career, she took pride in her work, driven by the belief that it was important to prove that there was no place for discrimination in the nursing profession. Williams, Elsie Arrington. The first recipient of the annual Mary Mahoney Medal, presented to an African-American nurse who has contributed significantly to the profession, was Adah B. Mahoney, Mary Eliza — African-American nurse who was the first black woman in America to graduate with a nursing degree. Admitted to New England Hospital for care on December 7, , Mahoney succumbed to breast cancer on January 4, at the age of eighty-one.

In this regard, she may also be viewed as the first travel nurse in American history, as well. Her professionalism and shining reputation earned praise not only for her but for the black community.

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She served as the director from until Mahoney completed the program and graduated in as a registered nurse, together with three other colleagues. InHelen S. She attended Phillips School from first to fourth grade.

It may be during these moments she was strategizing her goal to make a difference helping people achieve their life goals, unhindered by discrimination.

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