Christianity and buddhism comparison essay

As Makransky relates, the teachings guide that people should not judge others by virtue of their races and descent They claim that there is strong resemblance between the characters of Jesus and Buddha, especially their lives and teachings.

This brings us to the second major difference, the existence of the supernatural. What is similar and different in Buddhism and Hinduism.

differences between christianity buddhism and hinduism

Both of these religions have their founder as its central figure. Both Lord Buddha and Jesus Christ taught their disciples about the welfare of all human beings.

buddhism and christianity venn diagram

While it is somewhat unclear exactly why the theory of religion has been formulated, it is clear that many societies have used a variety of religions as mediums to communicate and establish a general code of ethics to certain groups of people around the world Devotion in the religions of Christianity and Buddhism is very important, but what they devote their lives to, and how they devote themselves is what makes the religions different.

The Buddha instructed his followers to multiply and fill the earth. Finally, the last question of how human beings should behave towards each other is the same in both religions.

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Comparison Essay Sample: Comparison between Buddhism and Christianity