A comparison of the difficulty of learning in high school and college

They just expect you to do it.

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You should also begin preparing yourself to learn in a less-structured classroom atmosphere in which your teachers will no longer remind you about what you are supposed to do, will hold you responsible for completing your assignments in the correct and timely manner described in the course syllabus they give you on the first day of class, and will be less likely to bend the rules or allow you to earn extra credit if your work is late or if you perform poorly.

College professors have office hours we have to use if we want to discuss things with them.

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It sounds a lot like high school to me. Online learning such as with UoPeople is a great platform that offers the same education, but in a much more efficient and comfortable method. They respect you as a responsible student who wants to learn and they are usually willing to work with you. Freedom College gives you freedom. I even had a philosophy class where the only grades were a midterm and a final exam. Want to earn better grades? Strike up a conversation with your chemistry lab partner. To make this transition easy, create a simple weekly calendar that outlines all of your to-dos.

There are no late assignments or make-up tests. Be sure to get enough rest, to eat well, and to relax.

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Accordingly, here are five important lifestyle changes to be prepared for when you make the transition from high school to college. The second stage is to help them identify and value the knowledge, skills and attitudes KSAs they will need to adapt to their new academic environment. In reality, it rarely works like this. The source of this advice is students who, only one short year earlier, were freshmen too. College requires all sorts of smaller purchases too, like special goggles for your chemistry lab or official test taking booklets for final exams. Learning does not end when the class day ends in college. On the other hand, students who I have just described typically continue to try to do as well as they did in secondary school at the university they attend. Not only are you earning a degree in your chosen field, you also get to learn about other subjects and broaden your knowledge in general. Additionally, since in college everyone wants to be there at least on some level , you may find your college classmates more motivated and dedicated to doing well in school compared to some of your high school peers. Try to stay positive about assessments. This is often much more work than students had in high school, so you should be prepared for an adjustment. So, when August rolled around, I pulled up to campus with lots of boxes and no idea what to expect. College may be easier than high school, but there are still challenges Remember, although college offers more benefits than high school, it is important to keep in mind that there will also be new challenges.

There will be sports teams to join, parties to go to, clubs you can be part of, and more. The Classes and Subjects This time, you get to choose!

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This article represents an honest attempt to create a source of advice for college freshmen that comes from a far more credible source than a person who is three times as old as they are.

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How Is College Different from High School